ICT consultancy & Systems Integration

Emotec ICT Integration is a solution that aims to connect various ICT systems, hardware and software into one cohesive and well-functioning body. We offer comprehensive ICT integration services – from counseling and consultation, all the way to identification of business needs, as well as the designand implementation of solutions.

The scope of services

  • Analysis and design of ICT platforms
  • Implementation and migration of ICT solutions
  • Supply of equipment and software
  • Virtualization of physical environments
  • Consulting services in the field of business process integration
  • Consulting services in the area of ICT systems integration
  • Implementation and post-implementation support
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • IT Policy and Governance Management
  • Business Process Analysis and BPR
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Design
  • Integration of third party applications into established infrastructure
  • Network Standardization & Administration (Migrations, Installations, Upgrades)
  • Enterprise System Project Management and Consulting
  • Product R&D and Service Issues Resolution
  • Remote Support and maintenance
  • High availability Solutions (full-service design, implementation and administration of high performance clusters, high availability clusters and mixed)


  • Optimization of business processes through the increased exchange of information between different ICT systems
  • Increased productivity in the company through access to all the resources of the organization
  • More thorough job analysis and reporting systems to ensure access to a wider range of data
  • Ensuring the smooth flow of information between different systems and areas of the company

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